Deceased Academicians

Bernard A. Houssay


Buenos Aires, Argentina, 10 Apr. 1887 - 21 Sep. 1971
Title Professor of Physiology, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 1947
Nomination 28 Oct. 1936
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Role of the hypophysis on ketonemia and fatty liver of the pancreatectomized dog

B.A. Houssay, A.G. Roldan, C.T. Rietti, E.J. Del Castillo, M.E. Galli Commentarii 33 pp. 8 ... Read more

Role of liver inervation on fat metabolism

B.A. Houssay, E. Ashkar, E. Del Castillo, M.E. Galli, A. Roldan, C.T. Rietti, E.... Read more